Wednesday, February 29, 2012



the brands… blazer: DKNY.  jeans: Express.

Staying with a neutral ensemble for a nice dinner out with my ex-co-workers.  It was wonderful to catch up and let my hair down a bit.

I love my new job, but it always takes time to develop friendships and being in HR, I find people always keep a bit of distance.  I have to remind people from time to time that I’m not the police, I’m just a person.  Thankfully, my new team is full of wonderful people, so in due time I’m sure I’ll find good friendships there as well.


Mica said...

Lovely outfit! I like how the blazer makes a casual outfit seem a bit more polished! :) Hope you had a great time with your friends!

Eli said...

super cute! I know how you feel with the distance thing. I'm starting a new job Monday (so excited) but I remember how long it took for people to let the wall down. I genuinely care how your day is going and how your family is...the more I ask and stay engaged the more they trust a little more. I love meeting new people. Keep your heart open :D

Londyn said...

Eli - thanks so much for your uplifting words and good luck at your new job!!!