Thursday, January 5, 2012

Patterns in the snow

the brands… cardigan: forever XXI.  dress: target.  belt: macy’s.


It snowed on our last day of holiday break and I just had to go outside and enjoy it!  Growing up in Minnesota, I’m used to the snow and sometimes I even miss it.  Since it’s early in the winter season, I’m definitely in my phase of missing it, so was happy to get our little flurry.  It may not have been a MN snow shower, but it was definitely a Cincinnati sprinkling.  I had the urge to make an snow angel “pattern” all day!

DSCN1206 DSCN1207

It may be hard to tell, but I’m actually wearing 3 different patterns with this look.  My tights have a paisley print, my dress has the blue and black swirly pattern, and the cardigan is an animal print. 

An easy way to blend this many patterns is simply to vary the level of “pattern intensity”.  Pattern intensity is my way of describing how noticeable a pattern is.  Tights = low pattern intensity.  Dress = medium pattern intensity.  Cardigan = high pattern intensity.


DSCN1210 DSCN1213


Carla said...

love the tights

Mica said...

Love the pattern mixing, and the snow pictures! The snow looks beautiful :)

~Hurricane B~ said...

That blue looks great on you. Also that last shot has your waist looking sooooo tiny!!

Elegance Personified said...

I Love this outfit. Something I can easily recreate abnd replicate myself and plan on doing so since I have very similar pieces. Love your 'lesson; on pattern density, too. I think the same works with colors when you color-block. You can mix and match up to 4 colors sucessfully as long as 2 are bolder and 2 are less bold. You look great!!! The new bangs chop off a couple years from your age, too. ;-)