Monday, December 5, 2011

1/2 comfort, 1/2 constraint

the brands… ruffle wrap: vera wang. top: chadwicks. skirt: moda int’l.  shoes: jessica simpson. 



I’ve never minded having shapely legs… particularly when they’re diamond shapes nestled into polka dot pumps!  While I love the texture and pattern tights bring to an outfit, I confess that I actually loathe the constraining feeling of tights or hose of any kind.  If I could go bare legged all year round I would! 

To combat the uncomfortable squeeze of my shapely tights, I wrapped myself in a cuddly wrap.  At least 50% of me is comfortable!


Whitney said...


The rest of your outfit is awesome, of course, but I seriously think those tights make it happen. LOVE.


Kerri said...

I totally know what you mean. Have you tried thigh highs? They are way more comfortable!

Londyn said...

Thanks Whitney :)

Kerri - I love that idea, but I have the sinking feeling my thighs would bulge out... Maybe I just need to give them a try anyway. LOL

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Carla said...

those tights are awesome!!! :)

Clélia said...


~Hurricane B~ said...

I like the fun photo you did with your shoe in the air. =) I too have long shapely legs. Thigh highs dont get a "muffin top" then on the top of them. Especially if you use the garter system, holds them tight for you. Plus then you feel sexy underneath your clothes all day.