Monday, November 14, 2011


DSCN0866 DSCN0867


Just a little randomness with this outfit, but not enough that it doesn’t go (to me anyway…!).  Mixing 2 patterns - cardigan and shoes - that still work with the same colors is an easy way to mix and match if you’re a pattern mixer rookie.

Speaking of randomness, this morning I felt like I had a million and one random things happen to slow up my morning.  I spilled my coffee, I broke my nail, I couldn’t find my favorite coffee mug and I ended up forgetting the key to my office and badge to get in the building at home…  goodness!  Thankfully, the day only got better from there.


Lorena said...

Oh I just hate those days.
I wonder why I ever left the house....
I love that marvelous cardi and tell you every time you wear it :)

cALyPsO said...

"Any rejection is God's protection"

cALyPsO said...

Oh! I love that cardigan! Is it new?

BethieTheBoo said...

I love that cardigan! I think it looks great with the pink shirt, nice contrast!

Greta said...

cute post and blog :)
would you like to follow eachother? :)

dotty said...

the shoes and cardigan patterns are FANTASTIC together! i like that they are set off by solids to make them pop more!

dash dot dotty

Elegance Personified said...

Lovely outfit darling. I have a pair of similar pumps and similar cardi from WHBM. I can totally knock off this look from you. Happy Holidays, by the way. Keep on looking great! Ada. =)