Wednesday, November 9, 2011

No more chilly willy


the brands… top: express. skirt: thrifted.  boots: bakers.

It’s been a little cold and dreary out of late, and I can definitely tell winter is on the way.  They’re even playing Christmas music on the radio!  Okay, I actually like that…

One bonus during this chilly weather is that my office heater is actually working!  They replaced our heating vents a couple weeks ago and now it is so toasty warm in my office that I no longer have a need for my extra sweaters and blanket I always kept on hand. 

Another bonus during chilly weather – boots!


Style and Sass said...

Love the boots and I too, am a lover of the colder temps. I am already thinking about decorating for Christmas too. Am I nuts? LOL!

Londyn said...

You're not nuts at all! I've already been listening to Christmas music!! :)

~Hurricane B~ said...

Love the boots. I am ready for Thanksgiving in two days. Then all weekend is Christmas decorating, Christmas music and we make our list of movies. We watch a christmas show, movie or skit...something everyday from the 1st-25th. =)