Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It’s a small world

the brands… dress: gianni bini. boots: bakers.

DSCN0778 DSCN0773

DSCN0780 DSCN0785

This weekend I was out to eat and ended up running into someone who reads my blog!!  It was so surprising and so much fun – it made my night!  I love it when local fashionistas find each other, and while we didn’t actually get a chance to talk it was nice to know that sometimes it really is a small world after all. 

My second thought thought after “how much fun!” was… thank goodness I didn’t go out in my sweats!


Nav said...

I love this royal blue dress on ya, with boots it looks fantastic!

xo Nav

Jodi said...

too funny.. and I had that happen one time also.. she came up to me and said " I am and she was talking to me like she new me and that I knew her. I was weird actually and I realized that must be what its like for famous people!! not like I am famous lol but having all these people feel like they KNOW you.

anyway, you do have great style and so cool someone recognized you!! xoxo J

Carla said...

Oh my gosh!! I love this!! that blue is soooo pretty

Elegance Personified said...

WOW You look incredible and I love this dress, is it new? The boots are phenomenal too. Basically head to toe HOT and I am sure your date was hot too and you had a lovely time.