Saturday, November 26, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving

It’s Thanksgiving holiday and I am so thankful for so many people and wonderful things in my life. I was recently reminded to also be thankful for the not-so-wonderful things that happen as there is typically a bigger picture reason they happened, or even if not – those things make you into the person you are and allow you to help others going through similar things. So for all the good, the bad, and the ugly – I am thankful and grateful for this amazing life.

DSCN0955 DSCN0952



On Thanksgiving day I took the day off from fashion and enjoyed spending the time with family in my sweats (below)!  However, the day after Thanksgiving – round 2 of family gatherings – I actually did get dressed and take blog pictures.  The funny thing is, I was just about as comfortable in my “fashion wear” as I was in my sweats.  I adore cotton, and this soft dress with stretch soft legging and low boots were amazingly comfortable.  Too bad I can’t wear this to work!


Happy Thanksgiving!


Teodora said...

I could have not said it better. Have wonderful hollidays.


Diana said...

I'm glad to hear that you had a great thanksgiving day in your sweats. :) Don't you just love the holidays??? :D Your round 2 outfit is really cute. I especially love how you paired that dress with those gorgeous boots!

~Hurricane B~ said...

Life is not always perfect, as much as FB would like us to believe. =) We have to celebrate the ugly times as they means life is better and just let's us know we are alive. I know I have been bad about posting on my shoe blog. But school, work and broken arm made it hard to want to wear heels. I did fall and break it. =) you always give me inspiration to get on track with regular posting. You are so good at doing it reguarly.

Lorena said...

Well, happy late thanksgiving.... !
Indeed we sometimes don't see the bigger picture :)

siregarlaw said...

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