Sunday, September 18, 2011

Time Flies

the brands… bold print blazer: INC.  ruffle blouse: White House Black Market.  trousers: apostrophe.  shoes: maxstudio.


Ruffles and pattern!  2 of my favorite things.  It’s been pretty chilly of late, so I’ll likely be wearing pants a bit more often and also pulling out those boots and tights.  I can’t believe how the time flies.

Even with time flying away, I’ve made quite a bit of progress in the last 2 months.  I’ve officially booked my wedding location – a resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica – and booked the date (summer next year).  I’ve also found my sea legs at my new job and while I am extremely (and somewhat overwhelmingly) busy, I’m really liking the work, the business, and the team.

My next goal is to get back in shape!  I’ve definitely been in a slump as far as fitness goes, so I’d like to make it a priority again.  Not only is this important for my overall health and energy level, but I refuse to buy all new clothes because I can’t fit into any of my current wardrobe!  I’ve pledged to not buy any more clothes, purses, or shoes until I’m back in the shape I want.  Now that’s a motivator!! 

What do you do to stay fit when balancing busy day to day life?  Share your secrets!


K said...

Haha I just recently told myself the same thing! I worked hard to lose weight and after a busy few months it's slowly starting to creep back on. I'm having a hard time not shopping with fall knocking on the door, but to make the shopping bug happy, I splurged on some new running shorts and a couple tank tops with the dry technology. Cute workout clothes are definitely a good motivator to get me back to the gym!

Londyn said...

Great idea! I love it :)