Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Technology Grinch

the brands… top: ann taylor.  cardigan: sarah spencer.  belt: guess.  skirt: studioY.  shoes: girl mia.




Today I was reminded that while technology such as email was invented to make our lives easier, more often than not it produces a never ending back-log to dos and long forgotten / once important notifications waiting to be addressed.  Somehow, in the midst of all this invention… we’ve gone back 10 steps! 

Can you tell I’m in email hell?  With the last month+ being so busy for me, I’ve had hardly a moment to check personal email.  If you’re like me, you have several email accounts and all of them get WAY too much spam than their worth.  So after abandoning my yahoo email account for a month, I came back to 987 new emails.  Seriously?!?  I spent way too much time cleaning out that inbox last night.  Email – a time saver?  Not really.  Maybe I should write a letter…


Teodora said...

I love your shoes - shows off your classy style with a twist.

I totally see your point about emails - it is worth mentioning the distraction that emails cause when you are in the middle of something else.


Elaine said...

Yeah, if I don't work on keeping my inbox clean, it gets crazy even after a day!!

Elegance Personified said...

Hahahaha funny point about that e-mail thing but so true. I agree with you and I have one main account that I try to check at least once or twice a week and that gets so full, my other 3 accounts I haven't checked in ages I can just imagine the piles of e-mail and hundreeds of pages built up there.

Anyway super cute and chic outfit, head to toe. Love that cardi and those shoes are some of my favorite in your closet. The Loft top is cute, too.

Megan Mae said...

Sounds like you need a good spam filter. Those pumps are fierce!