Tuesday, August 2, 2011


the brands… top: express.  pants: ny&co.  necklace: ann taylor loft.  shoes: max studio.



What a crazy hectic day…!  I’m utterly exhausted, but feeling good that I accomplished what I needed to accomplish with my day and am now ridiculously excited to cuddle up in my bed with a big cup of lavender tea, watching You’ve Got Mail for the millionth time before I drift off to sleep.  Goodbye today!  See you soon tomorrow.


Melissa said...

I LOVE that bright top and the shape of it. The color with the muted pants are great together. You look fabulous!

Teodora said...

I love your style - that is what I would imagine my personal professional style - if I had any:)

When do you take your pictures? In the morning? You always look so perfect :)


Londyn said...

Thanks ladies!

I take my pictures right before I leave for work - it's part of my 5 min out the door rush :) You should see me by end of the day... LOL

Kamaria said...

I am an up and coming college senior -- my biggest task this summer and this year is to bulk up the professional side of my wardrobe. Thanks for showing that professional can still be fashionable! It is definitely helping me with some of my shopping picks.

cALyPsO said...

Excellent top!! Really your color.. WHEN DO YOU FIND THE TIME to do your nails!!! Soo pretty and well put together. I tried to do my nails the other day.. and lets just say it lasted all of.. 3 minutes from the time I got up to put everything away to the time I went over to the computer to read or blog or something..
I looked down and every single one of my nails were smudged or had wierd indentations.

Londyn said...

I have that issue with my nails too! I find that painting them right before I watch a tv show helps b/c it keeps me in one place for a while with less chances to smudge.

Every now and then I get the gel polish which is fabulous b/c it dries instantly and stays for 2 weeks without chipping!