Friday, August 5, 2011

Picnic Hello

the brands… dress: Mossimo.  studded short sleeve cardigan: INC.  shoes: TJ Maxx.  watch: Guess.


What to wear to a company picnic in 100 degree weather when I still plan to go into the office and work for part of the day as well?

What else?  A dress.

For the picnic, I was able to ditch the top and swap my wedges for fancy flip flops.  It worked great!

Now if I had only known more people at the event… That’s one of the difficult things of changing companies – it’s starting all over on the get-to-know-you part. 

For as outgoing as I often can be, I also have a shy, loner side as well.  In that case, I’ll just have to let my clothes do the talking for me.  Hopefully this dress says “Come say hi!”.


Nav said...

love the dress with a casual feel but with a nice top, its work appropraite too!!

I know how you feel about starting over with the"getting to know co-workers part" I started a job only a month ago too! Hopefully it was a good time :)

xo Nav

Teodora said...

I totally understand what you mean about starting a new job and meeting people. In fact, I've missed parties because I felt like I don't know anyone!

You looked fabulous!


BarbaRove said...

just love your blog! love the dress! u look beautiful! Im from Brazil! take a look: barbarove.blogspot xoxoxo

joie said...

incredibly gorgeous as always. love that blue on you.

Elegance Personified said...

I love love love this look. You look so perky, pretty and proper. Adorable blue dress and shoes. =)