Sunday, August 28, 2011

Glasses Girl Goes Glam

the brands… sparkle shoulder cardigan: anne taylor loft.  pants: daisy fuentes.  necklace: newport news.  shoes: bcbg.

DSCN0079 DSCN0082

With and without glasses.  Yep, while I don’t wear glasses on a regular basis there are moments when I need my specs!

I’ve still been keeping my look pretty conservative with the new job, but I’ve also added hints of sparkle and a little glam here and there.  Overall, I’m actually preferring the simpler chic look over the girlie colorful look.  It’s just fitting my mood for the time being. 

I think that’s one of the beautiful things about fashion; you can reinvent yourself and your style time and time again.  Even just mixing and matching things differently can create a tremendous difference!


Teodora said...

I love the sparkle - it gives just enough flare to the outfit that it needs !

Check out my new post - I think you may like the outfit even though it is all color.


Beata said...

I love those pants! Where are they from? I'm always looking for pants that fit well, and can never find them.

~Hurricane B~ said...

i looove the look with glasses. Being that I have contacts or glasses on my face.well with the contacts not on my face per say..but you know what i mean..Anyways..=) I am a bit in love with glasses because I have them. I think you got the subtle glam down!

Londyn said...

T- thanks and I'll check it out!!

B- I think these are from Kohls but I alsoget a lot from Ann Taylor Loft.

H- thanks lady! I'm really liking glasses too and kinda want to get some funky ones!