Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Consoling Cardigan


the brands… cardigan and matching silk tank: chadwicks.  skirt: inc.  shoes: guess.


Cardigans aren’t just for grandma’s anymore!  They can be cute, professional, stylish, or quirky.

I also find them comfortable and comforting when not feeling my best.  I wore this outfit while recovering from my back injury, so it was nice to have a little comfort to console me.


Lorena said...

I too find myself grabbing a cardi over and over.
So much that I am afraid it will become a uniform so i am now trying not to be so cardigany. I think i just made up a new word.

Teodora said...

Wow - your closet is limitless!

I love cardigans - I think they can be that extra accessory, color, or texture that an outfit needs.


Elegance Personified said...

I love cardigans. By now I probably own at least 50 of them, if not more. Cute and unique cardi w/ matching tank.