Sunday, July 17, 2011

Ruffle Thursday

the brands… ruffle red cardigan: INC.  brack ruffle oxford: express.  pants: macy’s.  shoes: bcbg. 

This was my Thusday work week #1 outfit.  I ended up needing to present (surprise!), so was glad to still be on the more professional wardrobe side of things.  I’ll definitely be adding some more spice in the coming weeks, but am still feeling out the environment for the moment.

DSCF6472 DSCF6476

I may be aging myself… but who remembers those kid magazines from the dentist or doctor’s office that had the almost-identical pictures where you had to find the things that were different from one picture to the other?  If you do, then look above and find the difference! 

It’s an easy one  Smile


Kimberly said...

I loved Highlights magazine as a kid and "spotting the difference" (your shoes btw). You can't go wrong with adding a pop of red!

Sarah R said...

The magazine was called "Highlights." lol.

Londyn said...

YES!! Highlights! I love that I'm not the only one that remembers it!

Nav said...

OMG! I loved doing that as a kid waiting at appointments.

P.S. I found the difference! Shoes!

:) Nav

Steph B. said...

But the real question is, are you a Goofus or a Gallant?

Cezzatron said...

love your blog im a curvy fashionista :)

BethieTheBoo said...


You've got great style for a professional environment! :)

Savannah said...

You look so pretty I love the pop of color!