Sunday, July 10, 2011


Rewinding a bit to catch up over the last week or two on a few outfits I hadn’t had time to post.  As I was looking through the photos, I realized the 4 I hadn’t posted had a bit in common, so I’m posting them all together – 4 for 1 deal!

2 professional looks with pops of blue:

48 49

2 casual neutral looks with statement shoes and necklaces:

55 45

The similarities in my ensembles made me wonder… When a person’s outfits start to look the same are they in a rut or have they simply found their style? 

I think it can definitely be either case, but I prefer to think that for me, I’ve just found my niche.  The great thing about fashion is that if I decided to, I could change my look tomorrow.  I love people who evolve and change their styles, but I also think it’s very important to be yourself and not feel forced to try something just because you feel like your look hasn’t changed in a while.  I figure, if you like it, you like it!  And I like it.


Lorena said...

That's such a good question.
For me, I feel I have fallen into the "uniform" rut.

Teodora said...

It is hard to put a finger on my style - my friends seem to have a feeling for it and would say something like "this so Teodora":)