Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Be Prepared

the brands… blazer: alloy.  top: INC.  pants: NY&Co.  shoes: gianni bini.  watch: anne klein.


This week is definitely on the conservative professional side as I start my new job, so be prepared.  Day 1 on the job was definitely the most conservative, and I’m starting to go with a bit more interest in days following.

I’ve been considering how this transition may potentially change my style / blogging and am still in the “I’m not sure” phase.  In my old role, I worked with Marketing & Sales functions which tend to be more accepting of more creative touches and I also was in an environment that allowed jeans any day.  With my new company and role, I work with technical functions and a much more conservative work-wear environment.  In addition, I am now a part of a leadership team so visibility is higher and necessity to role model is greater.

I tend to believe you should take note from those in higher positions, as well as you should dress for the position you want in the future.  Those things considered, I still believe there is great merit in being yourself and showing a little unique flavor.

Much to dwell on, and I’m just playing it by ear in the meantime.  Would love to hear your musings as well!


Teodora said...

I think your outfit is professional with unique personal flare. I am sure anything you choose will be impressive.


Londyn said...

ahh - thanks Teodora!

Melissa said...

You look fantastic. I love that the blazer isn't the typical and expected black!

It's difficult for me to take a cue from my superiors because I work with two co-workers and my boss. My boss typically ends up wearing a pair of slacks and a plain tee or sweater. Although I tend to wear blazers or cardigans more often than not, I'm usually told that I dress too "wild and crazy." I feel that it's professional with a twist of my personality, but her idea of professional seems to be anything understated.

I look forward to seeing how your attire evolves as you transition into this new position. I'm excited for you!

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Andrea said...

i love black outfits with a pop of colour! you look great!!

Sheila said...

Wow, congratulations on the new job, Londyn! Having recently changed jobs, I do find I have toned down my own style a bit (especially with accessories) until I get the right "temperature" for my office.

You look both professional and stylish! Brava!

Elegance Personified said...

First off congrats on the new [better, more reponsible, higher-payable (I bet) job.] Secondly you look great and very professional. Love the blazer and the top which I don't think I've seen before, these 2 pieces. I saw your entire work week outfits and you look very polished I must add. 2011 has been full of great changes for you so far, that's real nice. Congrats on the new job, the happy engagement and the new car, plus a sassy and cute haircut to boot!

P.S. Did you guys set up a wedding date yet I am curious?