Saturday, June 4, 2011



The fabulous fashionista megan mae daily posted a fruity fashion challenge for last week.  Being the forgetful girl that I sometimes am, it completely dropped off my radar… however – I’m still going to participate!  Better late than never, right?

While I may not follow all the exact days, I will try to stay in order.

Today’s fruit is lemon lime!



Clearly, I stuck with the lime part… my excuse, I own no yellow!!  In addition, I adore lime!  My fave drink of the moment is vodka tonic with lots and lots of lime.  So refreshing and summery.

More to come…



Megan Mae said...

Fabulous lime with hints of grapefruit. I love the hem of that skirt. So cool.

Twills said...

I love that skirt! So cute!

Elegance Personified said...

I really like the outfit, the skirt and cardi are too cute and those sandals are cute and edgy (look comfy?!?) too. But it doesn't look much lemon-y or lime-y to me. LOL I would have perhaps done a yellow cardigan and a pair of yellos sandals or ballet flats. =) However this is a great challenge and can't wait to see all the FRUITY COLORS. I Love Colors so I'd appreciate this. ;-)

fashion1psychology said...

Cant wait to see, what wondeful outfits come from these great colors :)

Rudy53420 said...
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