Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Garden Girl

Are vests still in?  They were all over the place about a year ago, but now seem to be dying down.  I bought my first vest several years ago (vintage) and have loved them ever since, whether they’re in or out!

For this particular outfit I started with a vest, but ended up preferring the belt simply because it broke up the colors a bit more.  It also showed off my floral top which always reminds me of a garden.  A few pink accents for some girly glitz and I’m out the door!

DSCF6384 DSCF6392

DSCF6383 DSCF6385

DSCF6389 DSCF6391


Anonymous said...

I love those shoes and still kick myself for not buying them when they were at Macy's a couple summers ago!

Megan Mae said...

I still love vests, but they're dead missing from my thrift stores. That's a really cute vest.

Elegance Personified said...

I love vests too but I don't like the vest here, either. Much better with the simpler belt. Love love those shoes and bracelet, candy colors. =)