Tuesday, April 12, 2011


I was able to take long weekend and spend some time with friends in Chicago.  There was much shopping, eating, and sight seeing to be had.  I also give it up to the Chicago fashionistas who were everywhere.  Rock on ladies!

DSCF6089 DSCF6051 

I adore the unique boutiques and rare fashion finds of a larger city.

DSCF6053 DSCF6055


However, I also hit the big chains such as iconic Macy’s too.


Sight seeing and beautiful architecture a definite.

DSCF6073 DSCF6093


DSCF6097 DSCF6087 - Copy



While I did dress up in the evenings, the majority of my pictures unfortunately did not turn out!!I

Sad smile

DSCF6065 DSCF6050 DSCF6088


Lara said...

Chicago does have some fashionistas...that I do have to agree on! There are especially a lot of hipsters here. I am not sure why.

Anonymous said...

did you wear high heeled boots whilst sightseeing? You crazy!

Elegance Personified said...

Chicago is my kind of city and what a beautiful city it is. I have very fond memories of it, from visiting with my husband. We even went there to celebrate our first wedding anniversary. =) It has been over a year since we were there so I am looking forward to make it there one weekend, this spring/summer.

Seems like you had a fun trip and too bad your outfit photos didn't turn out well. I do like the colorful dress though and the animal-print top is just gorgeous. Is that from Cache?

~Hurricane B~ said...

Glad that you had a good time.

rccalyn said...

Are those tan Aldo shoes in the first pic? I've been looking for something similar!

Londyn said...

I mainly wore flats during the day, but yes- during one of these pics I was actually sight seeing in boots w/ baby heels. Yes, me crazy!

The top is Ann Taylor.

The tan shoes are Nine West!