Thursday, March 3, 2011

Tights to Pants

the brands… pants: banana republic.  top: banana republic.  earrings: macy’s.  shoes: nine west.

DSCF5857 DSCF5856 


My tights extravaganza week is over and I’m actually wearing pants.  It was nice to not have something constricting my waist for once, but by the end of the day I was actually missing my beloved tights.  No worries, I’m sure they’ll be back in a day or two…!

My tights extravaganza included…

a little funky… colors and pattern

3 33 21

a little sexy…cutouts and lace

9 14 13

27 30 29

and a little classic… tried and true black

17 26

My legs feel loved.


Ramona said...

These all looks are so feminine and chic!

xoxo Ra

marialε said...

I like your tights... really different!


ps. thanks for your comment!

Iris said...

In this weather I would be glad to have pants again!

Rudy53420 said...

The cutouts & lace tights ~ Wow! Excellent find...very, VERY sexy! ;)

Londyn said...

Thanks! I like them too and wish I had an opportunity to wear them more often ;-)