Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Rainy Day Boots

the brands… iridescent purple top: express.  belt: ny&co.  skirt: george.  boots: chadwicks.  necklace: lorelei rose

DSCF5909 DSCF5911


Another “boots day!” to combat the rainy weather.  Thank goodness these heels are water proof!  Another way to combat the rainy day blues?  Dewey’s Pizza.  Hello Ryan’s Inferno!  Spicy buffalo chicken with ranch dressing and gorgonzola crumbles…  You could have fooled me because it sure felt like sunshine.


Rebecca said...

Cute boots!

gina said...

Great boots! Love this whole look!

Scraping kitty said...

I read you'r blog all the time- but the shirt is so amazing i have to leave a comment this time!

Londyn said...

Thanks for commenting!! :)