Sunday, March 13, 2011

My Blah Days

Yep, I have them too.  Blah days where all I feel like putting on is a big sweatshirt, and cuddling up with a good book and my comfy quilt.  I’ve had a few blah days of late and just haven’t felt quite myself.  Whenever I have those days, I take a break from the norm and add in some “me time”.  During these breaks I don’t focus too much of fashion but more on ease and comfort.  I also tend towards gray.  Without further ado… my blah day pics!

DSCF5910 DSCF5912


32 20


Anonymous said...

Even on your blah days, you still manage to look cute! Love the bag, necklace, and purple shoes!

Iris said...

Your blah days don't seem overwhelmingly blah... you could have fooled me!

I love the chunky statement necklace.

Collette Osuna said...

Your blah days are aok with me.....I think you still look great..comfy and stylish:)

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Kate said...

you still look fab! wow!

Melissa said...

I think I might need to redefine "blah" for you...because blah is something you definitely are not. :) You look great even when you think you don't!

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Elegance Personified said...

Dear Londyn you certainly don't look blah or bland. Sure these outfits are a little on the safe side but there is something of interest in each one. The first one the gray sweater has ruching and that necklace is definitely bold and beautiful, not otherwise. The outfit with the black top has fun, sassy zebra pumps and last but not least, you layered two tops in the last outfit and added a pair of fun purple loafers.