Thursday, March 31, 2011

The Blues

the brands… jean jacket: gap.  silk blouse: cache.  pants: ny&co.  shoes: chinese laundry.


Jean jackets seem to be all the rage this season.  While I don’t recommend falling for a trend just because it’s a trend – if you love something that happens to be a trend, embrace it!  I for one love comfy jean jackets, so I’m embracing it.  I can’t wait until we get above 30’s / 40’s and I can embrace spring dresses with my jean jackets!

DSCF6012 DSCF6015


Stan9106 said...

I love this, especially the pop of color from the pink heels. Great look!

Miss Emma Kitty said...

I Love your silk blouse.

wahono putra said...

Blues mode for me is a relaxed style. I love it, thank kasioh on this post. Greetings bloggers Indonesia - Wahono