Tuesday, February 15, 2011

“that’s a wrap”



Random fact of the day… While I have forever said lovingly things about wrap clothing (wrap shirts, wrap dresses… I love them all), I do not at all care for wrap sandwiches.  I’ll be sticking to the clothes on this one.

A few other wrap looks…




Melissa said...

No wrap sandwiches? Aw... :)

That purple is a lovely, lovely color on you! I love the sheen in those slacks, too and that necklace is gorgeous!

Robyn said...

That's a lot of wraps. I think the tan mini dress is my favorite... but why the hating on wrap sandwiches? The are the love child of subs and burritos, and are very delicious. Perhaps you have just not found the right wrap?

Jen said...

great outfits! love that necklace


CardiWrap said...

Good post exploring some wraps. The pictures are quite informative.

Elegance Personified said...

Your black and white beaded necklace is cool. I, too, love thw wrap look, especially wrap blouses, wrap sweaters and wrap dresses. I, love wrap sandwiches too, though. LOL

My favorite wrap looks out of the 8shown are: the green dress with red booties, the green blouse with red clutch, the taupe dress with gladiator sandals and the chocolate blouse with the pencil skirt. =)