Monday, February 28, 2011


the brands… tights: hue.  shoes: nicole miller.  skirt: target.  top: ny&co.


DSCF5864 DSCF5867

Look @ me legs continues with a little funky plaid!  Whether heading out for weekend fun or casual work environments, a little whimsy can make an outfit.

I’ve always loved tights, but recently realized that I’ve worn tights so often this season that my boots have been neglected..  maybe I’ll wear my boots during the winter to make up for it..  new trend?  ok, maybe not.


dotty said...

those plaid tights are so awesome! and they look great paired with green!

dash dot dotty

Kasmira said...

Love these tights. Couldn't you wear them WITH boots?

Melissa said...

Oh my goodness, I LOVE those tights! I agree with Kasmira, couldn't you wear them with your boots?

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Christen said...

I had the exact opposite problem this winter. I love my boots so much that I didn't wear tights at all. I recently realized this and decided to switch it up a bit. Love these tights on you and the color scheme is awesome!

Iris said...

Those tights are phenomenal!

Elegance Personified said...

Superb tights. I need to buy me some plaid tights. I need me some from the HUE brand, please tell me where you purchase these.

Londyn said...

EP - I get HUE brand from Dillards, but I'd suggest also looking via ebay / amazon / zappos or google HUE as a way to track them down if you don't have a Dillards near you.

Good luck.