Monday, January 3, 2011

Still Wearing It!

Wrap Sweater: Ann Taylor.  Jeans: NY&Co.  Shoes: BCBG.  Necklace: Macy’s.

13 14

This continues to be one of my favorite necklaces!  I try not to wear it all the time so it will keep its special charm when I do wear it. 


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Anna said...

I love the way this necklace pops with every outfit you paired it with. The color looks great with your dark hair.

Summer said...

i love the pop of color! What a perfect necklace! Thanks for visiting, doll! I hope you come back soon :)

eek said...

I would probably wear it all the time since it looks so good on you! I love the ruffled cardi too!

Couture Carrie said...

Lovely look, darling!
That necklace is so fabulous and versatile!


Kimberly said...

That sweater is pure perfection! Love it!

brittneynikkole said...

I literally had to take a second look at this sweater. I really love the detail. Also I like how the necklace works with the sweater and draws attention to the pretty ruffle. Very lovely!

~Hurricane B~ said...

LOVE the new background. I had finals and the the crazy holiday season so had not been able to check my blogger. I really the pop of color. I agree it is hard to not wear a favorite necklace or pair of shoes so it keeps its charm and love. I have found though, that if you love something that much, no matter how much you wear it or use it. You keep that love.

Jodi said...

ohhhh I am so excited!! I have the same necklace.. I feel so special having the same necklace as you!!!!

you look awesome too!!!

Londyn said...

Jodi - that is so much fun!! Great minds think (and dress?) alike!

Simone said...

I love the gray sweater with the black ruffle, and the red necklace is the perfect pop of color. I love your blog Londyn and would love to subscribe to it, but I'm not showing that option availiable.

Londyn said...

Thanks Simone!

If you have a google account, you should see a "Follow This Blog" option at the header, but if you don't have an account you may not be able to..

Maybe there's another "subscribe" option I should add to my blog but don't know about it..?? I'll look into it.