Tuesday, January 4, 2011

One Shoulder Showing


Top: Delicia.  Jeans: Express.  Purple suede pumps: H&M. 

I love one shoulder tops but don’t think I’ve actually had one before now!  While it’s not a work appropriate look, it is a super fun and easy look for a dinner date or weekend evening out.  Another, more dressy, option would be to belt this with a black pencil skirt, add a pair of tights and heels.



Rebecca said...

Cute. I don't have any one shoulder tops, but I like thelook.

Healthy and Homemade said...

I haven't been on blogger in a while but I love the layout of your page, it's so pretty.

The one shoulder top is great! I don't have any but I love this look.

Iris said...

I love that even though this is a one shoulder top there is still a level of modesty to it! It's a great print also and looks fab with those purple shoes :) Great outfit.

Kasmira said...

This looks wonderful on you! You have beautiful shoulders and arms.

Londyn said...

What a wonderful compliment! Thanks hon :)

Elegance Personified said...

I like this look and this top, do you mind sharing where from?

I am surprised you say it's the first time you wear a one-sleeve top, especially since you are fun and flirty with fashion. You should definitely wear them more often. I reccomend fun one-shoulder/one-sleeve tops from The Limited and Express. Both of these stores always have fun assymetric tops.

I love the Maroon Suede Pumps. Please reply back and let me know where they are from, thank you.

Londyn said...

If you look @ the top of my posts, I typically share brands (unless I can't remember them when I posting!) =)

I've noted the brand of my top as Delicia and I think I purchased it from Alloy.com. The shoes are H&M.