Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Jammie Dress

Dress: Chadwicks.  Sweater: JCP.  Tights: Simply Vera.  Shoes: Nine West.  Bracelet: Forever XXI.


It’s my jammie dress!  Yep, I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I feel like I’m wearing pajamas I’m so comfortable in this dress.  Now if only tights and heels were as pleasant an experience…



My colors were randomly picked this morning in my mad dash out the door, but it’s a combo I’m going to have to remember because I really liked the mix.  Grey, green, yellow, and plum – who knew?  That’s one of my favorite things about fashion - you can experiment and find fun new things you like every day.  If you make some mistakes (which we all do), no worries – tomorrow’s another day.


Melissa said...

Those booties are GORGEOUS! I love all of these colors together, so unexpected but they play so well together.

I love dresses that are comfy like that. I agree about the tights and heels. I wish they made leggings similar to tights so we could wear those instead!

Wholesale sunglasses said...

Hi nice dress....
But if you use black cardigan with green one then it would be more grassy... Though i like it.

BBM said...

the green with yellow accents is brilliant! so inspired by your looks! work it babe! ;-)

Weesha said...

You mix colours really well all the time, and they're usually unusual combination that don't sound right but they look fabulous! I actually get inspired to mix colours out of the box because of you!

P.s You have the best shoe collection ever!