Thursday, January 13, 2011

It’s that time…


It’s presentation time!  Time to get all “spiffy” and put on a suit.  I’d actually love to get some unique skirt suits, but I find it really hard to come across skirt suits sold in separates (where you can buy 1 size in bottom and a different size in top if needed). 

Until I find the time to do some extensive searching for this, I’ll be using what I’ve got – which is a lot of blazers that I mix and match with pencil skirts or classic slacks.  Of course, I love to add my “flair” (hello – Office Space…) with a color shoe, shimmery top, and a little zipper pocket detail.

32 33

A little closer view of my pumps (Charles David) – this pic from another day of course, while wearing them w/ jeans!  With casual or dressy, I love this shade of red and the patent croc detail.



Brittany D'Lynne said...

What a snazzy blouse! And I love the mix of navy and black! :)

Berenice said...

Gotta say...I LOVE YOUR BLOG!
I never would have thought to pair these shoes with this outfit and yet it looks stunning. Very chic.

Anonymous said...

You can find lovely suiting separates at AT and AT Loft (AT especially often sells suits with skirts and pants available). Their sales have been really great lately. BR suits are not generally sold as sets either, though the sales often aren't super great. Also, I think Express and maybe The Limited sell suiting separates.

MsMedSchool said...

love love love that pink coat!

Elegance Personified said...

You look quite mature, nice blazer. I agree about what you said regarding skirt suits, however there are always great separate suite pieces at The Limited, White House/ Black Market and Banana Republic. I have some nice skirt/pant suits from all these stores. Let me know what you think.