Sunday, January 16, 2011


military style blazer: DKNY.  necklace: Macy’s.  dress: Chadwick’s.  tights: ?  boots: a.n.a.

DSCF5614 DSCF5613

DSCF5615 DSCF5616

DSCF5612 DSCF5617

I adore a sweetheart neckline.  I also adore funky tights and comfy boots!

Today was brunch with a fabulous girlfriend of mine, and we indulged in bacon pancakes, almond cinnamon french toast, eggs, and corn beef hash…  Our bellies were full and our hearts happy. 

Yet another reason for loving dresses (as if I didn’t have enough already) – they feel so much better than constricting pants when you’re eating an indulgent breakfast such as we had!


CJ said...

That necklace is too cute! I too am a fan of colorful tights, and I think a cute dress beats pants almost any day (the exception being super cold ones).

Amber Lena said...

Hi! You are so cute! I love your style. Thanks for visiting my site. I have a lot of outfits for sale that would look great on you. I'm just getting started so it you want to do a trade (I'll send you an outfit, you post about it add me to your blogroll), I'd be honored. Thanks!
Amber Lena

Iris said...

I've never heard of or had bacon pancakes but, now I must go find them! Also, I love your tights... I didn't even think of wearing a dress to brunch but, you make a good point and I will have to remeber that for next time!

Tamia said...

Love the color combo! I always forget to wear more colors with my neutrals--thanks for the reminder.

Oh, and almond cinnamon french toast is LOVE. Original Pancake House?


Londyn said...

Amber - that would be fabulous! I'll email you and we'll figure out the details :)

Londyn said...

Tamia - YES!!! OPH! That's so awesome that you knew that :)

Kel Ward Photography said...

Cuteness overload! You look absolutely adorable from head to toe!

Elegance Personified said...

An adorable outfit for sure, your best look for 2011 thus far. Love every single piece here: tights, boots, dress, blazer & necklace and all of them worn together make for a greatm snazzy look.