Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Bling Bling

Jewelry: Macy’s.  Sweater: thrifted.  Jeans: Express.  Belt: Express.  Boots: Aldo.  Purse: Versace.

Where’s Waldo gone “bling bling”!  Can you find the difference in these 2 pics?

38 DSCF5597

While I’ve never had much (any) appreciation for the fake… fake body parts, fake personality… etc… there is one fake thing I’m down with, and that’s costume jewelry!  It’s big, bold, fun and who cares if it’s not real because it’s fabulous!

I found some really great pieces at Macy’s on clearance this week.  At 75% off original price and an extra 15% off that total when I used my Macy’s card, I walked out the store feeling like a criminal!

39 DSCF5602



DSCF5596 DSCF5600


I ended up going with the key necklace vs. the chunky bracelet only for practical working reasons (I seriously would’ve been unable to successfully type with that bracelet!).  But rest assured, I will wear all of my new jewelry pieces soon.


Melissa said...

That's the main reason I don't wear a lot of bracelets, because I can't type in them!

You found some great stuff! And I love that pink top on you.

All walks of frugality said...

just lovin the costume jewelry!!!! I'm in true need of some pieces myself. That was truly a deal you got at Macy's I guess you did feel like a criminal! lol!!! With just one accessory, your whole outfit looked completly different. Have a good night!!!

Tamuna said...

I really like cuff bracelets and agree with you on that they can be quite noisy when typing at work. Love the back of your pink top! Bows are such a feminine. xx


Donna said...

The pink top is so cute on you. Lovin' all the bling, especially the bracelet you are wearing.

Anonymous said...

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