Sunday, December 12, 2010

Sometimes you’ve got to splurge

Pants: Express Design Studios.  Ruffle Blouse: Antilia Femme.  Cardigan: JC Hook.  Shoes: Dollhouse.

DSCF5477 DSCF5475

DSCF5479 DSCF5480DSCF5482 DSCF5483DSCF5485

I’ve been doing so good on my eating lately, trying to stick with healthy homemade natural products, etc…  However, today suddenly the fast food bug struck.  Fast food is a rarity for me, but good old KFC was calling my name; I couldn’t resist.  To top it off, the man and I made cupcakes tonight (at least I know what ingredients went in those!). 

Other “splurges” for me – wearing my suede ruffle booties to work!  I think they worked great with a patterned pant and gave just the right amount of fun to an office professional look.  While my company may have gone a bit more relaxed in the corporate dress code, it’s still pretty conservative overall…  maybe in time we’ll keep evolving, but for now I’ll be happy for ruffle shoes.



sassyjeweler said...

I love the booties! How cute are those. =)

~Hurricane B~ said...

It is nice to splurge. Too bad most people do not know moderation. To me it also helps you enjoy it more, when you have it as a treat. Love ths shoes. Like always.=)

Runway Rundown said...

I always say its not so bad if you have the fast food every once in a while!! :) and I love the blue cardigan with the thick white lining ..need to get one with my xmas money. Ive been eyeing it!


Sherry Jarwin said...


Ears To The Feet said...

Those purple booties are FIERCE! Honey... weeerrrkkk!