Monday, December 20, 2010

Fitness Addendum

My Fitness Routine still remains pretty in tact.  I still incorporate fitness videos, basic weights, walking / running, and aerobics.

A couple things I’ve added to my routine are dance routine videos and fitness workouts for the x-box.  Fitness made fun!  My boyfriend and I do the x-box workouts together almost every day.  What better way to bond and stay healthy?  Love it.

Watch me go!  Can you see me on the TV?



I’m the orange figure in this picture.  I’m doing kickboxing!



caffeinerd said...

Aww my fiance and I got the Kinect last week and have been doing that fitness game and Kinect Adventures! So much fun :)

Kasmira said...

I'm loving wii Just Dance. It's my go-to cardio workout when it's too icy to run.

Valéria Bernardo said...

Adorei o post flor♥

Charlotte said...

What game(s) are you using? I just got the Kinect for my bday last week and have Dance Central, which is a good workout in itself, but would like to add Zumba and one other fitness one. There are so many to choose from, I don't know which one!

Londyn said...

The game is "Your Shape, Fitness Evolved". It's really good and has TONS of options!

I'm getting Dance Central for Christmas and have been thinking about getting Zumba as well.

I also have Kinect Adventures (very fun) and Monopoly (not so fun).

Iris said...

That's awesome!