Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas is a comin’

Blazer: Michael Kors.  Silk top: Cache.  Shoes: Steve Madden LUXE.


I’m embracing 1/2 business, 1/2 casual today.  Even though our work dress code has relaxed of late, the overall atmosphere is still pretty conservative, so I figure the 50/50 split should work well.


Christmas is on its way and I’ll soon be baking cookies, singing holiday songs, and wrapping more presents!  I just have to get through the work week - and Santa here I come!

I’ve done quite a bit of shopping already, but still have a few more items to go.  I heard a really cute idea today that suggested girlfriends swap Christmas ornaments with each other vs. expensive gifts.  What a cute idea!


Katie Aman said...

Wow! This is stunning! You're hair is fabulous-how do you get it so SHINY?!

gucci watches ladies said...

these styles on your post are totally my favorite,xoxo

Brittany D'Lynne said...

You're hair IS beautiful! Its the first thing I noticed! Love the outfit too :)

Lorena said...

That blue top is gorgeous..... blue and grey are so royal.

CassCGirl said...

You must have a really smart friend to suggest that ornament swap :) Love the outfit you look great as always!

Iris said...

Christmas ornaments are one of my favorite gifts to give because hopefully the person you give it will have it for a long time and bust it out at the happiest time of the year remebering you in the process.

Londyn said...

Thanks ladies! I actually don't have too many secrets to share on the hair except to say that I do wash and condition it every morning and I do flat iron it most days as well. My hair is naturally straight, but I find the flat iron gives it a glossy finish.

CassCGirl - you know it!!