Thursday, November 18, 2010

One step @ a time

Blazer: Michael Kors.  Blue Ruffle Top: George.  Pants: Forever XXI.  Shoes: Nicole Miller.



I’m wearing jeans to work!  Okay – they’re not jeans jeans, but they’re gray jeans, so I figure I’m taking baby steps with this whole casual at work thing  :)   

I kept the look sleek with a black blazer (I’m in love with the zipper detailing) and a silky ruffle blouse.


Jenna said...

If you wouldn't've told me, I wouldn't have known those were jeans. Love your blue shirt!

gucci watches ladies said...

these styles on your post are totally my favorite,xoxo

Courtney said...

I agree with Jenna....these pants look nothing like jeans or denim material but I love them!! =) I am loving the blue shirt too. I get nervous about wearing blouses like that personally, since I have an ample chest, but you made it look so simple and pretty that I may have to try it again!


Runway Rundown said...

Okay loooove that blue tone on you! It looks great. and I am all for the working in a casual ensemble to work idea

: )

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