Monday, November 1, 2010

Back by popular demand… my closet!

Dress: Thrift.  Belt: Beatnix.  Shoes: Nine West.


With 96% voting yes, it was definitely time for a closet revisit.  So - as promised… an update to my closet!  Not a lot of changes, but hopefully you’ll enjoy the “up close and personal” review!

My closet is located right off the side of our master bedroom.  My boyfriend’s closet is in the spare bedroom…


And yes, though I wish it was bigger (much envy for Sex & the City closets), it is one of my favorites places in my home.  My boyfriend lovingly put up several of the fabulous racks (yes, the original racks collapsed with all my clothes when we first moved in…), so it reminds me of him as well  :)


Some of my inspiration pics as mentioned in video:


Other closet close-ups:

  DSCF5373 DSCF5376 DSCF5382  DSCF5394DSCF5369

Closet Post 1

Closet Post 2


Jodi said...

Londyn baby.. I love this striped dress and the green belt.. FABULOUS!!

and let me just tell you how jealous I am of your fabulous closet... please when can I come over and shop YOUR closet... oh man I am drooling!! and all your shoes... ohhh I am so envious!!!

Great post!! Thanks for showing us this inside view!!
cheerio (I am writing this during my work meeting.. uggh sometimes these meetings are soooooo boring!! )

SHOEGAL said...

That is a great closet! We don't tend to have walk in rooms like that in the UK but it is my dream to have a Carrie Bradshaw style room one day.

Can I ask how you got the video to appear in portrait on your PC? I shot a video in portrait a while back and can't find any way to turn it round so it doesn't play on its side.

Tina said...

Thank you for sharing the photos and the video. Your closet is so organized and colorful. I am curious, how many pairs of shoes do you have? I love heels, but with being a teacher I usually stick to wearing flats.

Lorena said...

That's such a pretty dress you are wearing.
OH, the closet , well my closet is also one of my favorite places at home. I feel like I can control the world from there !

*Courtney* said...

LOVING your closet layout. I am a jeweler with Premier Designs jewelry so I have a lot of samples myself and I <3 how you've arranged yours.

Rebekka Seale said...

Wowwww.....if you could only see how teeny my closet is. This is like, heaven.

gucci uk said...

i do hope that oneday i can have my own closet Maegan said...

omg I die for your walk in!!!

Kasmira said...

Fun video! Was that your first?

More more more!

Goose said...

I officially have closet envy. Mine is the same size as our bathroom linen closet. I can only see a 30" window of my clothes at any point in time. UGHH. So jealous!!

~Hurricane B~ said...

LOVE the video, now we can know what you sound like. Oh and loove the shot of your actual bedroom. Like the theme you have going, very earthy.

Won't even get into your closet, already mentioned before how much I looove it and want it. Okay well really just every pair of shoes you own.=)

Milly said...

great closet!

Anonymous said...

Love-love-love. Thank you. And you looked fabulous!

- Tessa

Londyn said...

Thanks all!

Yes, Kasmira that was my first video! It took forever to figure it out, but it was fun. I'm sure I'll do it again :)

Shoegal - yes, I most definitely struggled with getting my video vertical too. I was finally able to do it by saving it is a Windows Movie Maker format and then before I opened the video I right clicked it and had the option to "Rotate". Good luck!!

Sarah said...

Your closet is fantastic and so organized!!! How do you keep your shoes from getting dusty? Or do you just wipe them off when you are going to wear them?

You have a fantastic voice! It's very calming and trustworthy.

Elegance Personified said...

I am glad you posted another blog revisiting your closet. We love seeing it. I actually saw this post several days ago and enjoyed the up-close video-log too. It's nice to see you talk and answer some of our questions. It makes it all more fun and more real.

P.S. Your closet is amazing and it's huge. Ohhh and your BF is a real generous guy. LOL