Sunday, October 24, 2010

Your opinion?



This dress was another fabulous Cincinnati swap item.  I’ve admired it on Kasmira for quite some time, so was so happy to snag it for myself!

I’m next planning on wearing it with some colored tights and possibly a fun cropped jacket.

How would you wear this dress?


Collette Osuna said...

Id add a little black faux fur vest:)

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Alpaca Ponchos said...

I would wear it just as you are in the pics, it looks great and lovely smile! :-)

Jodi said...

Hey Londyn.. I like this dress, for me it seems abit busy. I would maybe alter the neckline to a bit of a scoop neck so that you could wear scarves with it, or jewelry that wouldnt seem like its competing with the background of the turtle neck.

What about some pink tights or something as well? As you said, Kasmira rocks the color combos so am sure you could get a million ideas from her.

What about those tabs on the waist- could you wear a wide belt in place of those? Like maybe take those off so you could wear belts instead- like a wide Pink or turquoise belt.. you have awesome belts so bet you could come up with something amazing and of course all those amazing shoes you have would also make this a totally funky outfit.. anyway not like I am any fashion queen but just my ideas...

happy Sunday!!

DaShannon said...

Absolutely! Of course my family has mentioned the fashion police to me the last two sundays so I might not be the one to ask. They are especially adverse to tights so of course the colored tights really made me smile :)

Rachael said...

Hi Londyn!

I love the dress but I agree with many above. Because of the bold all-over print, I'd add some solid colors to break it up. Maybe fun colored tights, a solid jacket and a belt?


Cat said...

It's a pretty busy print, so I would break it up with a wide, black belt.

Black, white and red are always a fun, graphic combination, so I would pair a red sweater with the dress.

Elegance Personified said...

I would wear some fun or patterned burgundy/maroon tights with it and some fabulous suede red shoes, like a peep-toe, a pump or an open-toe bootie. I'd also add an amazing little silk scarf featuring some red, burgundy and gold in it. I would keep my hair either pulled all the way or half-way up and some fun red earrings, either a red hoop or red beaded danglers.

But yeah I love this dress, it is FABULOUS!! And I love how you wore yours. =) Good Job.

Lorena said...

I adore the print on it, but honestly thinks it needs to be spiced up in order to avoid looking matronly.
Belting and adding tons of color, rolling up the sleeves....

Kasmira said...

I bet you find the waist a little too big on you, too! I considered removing the buttons at the waist so that I could wear a belt there, instead.