Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Equestrian Work Wear?

Blazer: Nordstrom.  Blue pinstripe ruffle oxford: NY&Co.  Skirt: NY&Co.  Boots: Gianni Bini.  Ring: Charming Charlie.  Necklace: Macy’s.

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Are you a fan of equestrian fashion?

I personally adore it and appreciate the way it can be preppy or edge depending on the items chosen.

That said, I’ve never thought of incorporating it into my work wardrobe until today.  I think the reason I specifically have never worn these boots to work is that I find them most flattering with a shorter skirt or dress (since the boot is flat). 

For whatever reason, I changed my mind today and really liked them with this fitted khaki pencil skirt.  One change I made mid-day was to tuck in the oxford top.  I thought that change brought more length to the leg line, which also helps when not wearing heels to give that silhouette help.


Gi at Pashmina Shawl said...

I hope I'd get praises when I wear these to work. I might try them out! :)

Lorena said...

Cute. I like the color scheme here....

Kandi-STYLE said...

Nice, I love this...

Jodi said...

this looks really cute and professional so I think it really works for the work environment!!

and those boots are so great anyway how could you not want to wear them with everything!!