Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Really Casual Friday

DSCF4911 DSCF4916

Casual Friday at work for me typically still means something like a blazer or blouse and often still a skirt and heels.

However – this past Friday I just wanted to be comfortable, so while I still endured through fabulous pink heels – I went with a much more casual than normal tee.


I’m currently quite in love with the bedazzled tees I’m seeing in stores.

Do you remember the original bedazzler?  They still have them @ places like JoAnne Fabric!!


And, while I’m completely impressed by those who are more creative than I am in adding to their own clothing items – I find it much more accommodating to simply have the designer do it for me.

Check out these looks from Anne Taylor Loft:

ATL ATL2 FirstFrame


ShyGirl said...

That is such a cute tee! I love the embellishment! Where did you get it? I would love to get one!

Iris said...

I loved the LOFT tops but, when I tried to top one on it was paper thin... completely not work the $50.00 price tag :(

TeenageDirtbag said...

I like to play with studdes, etc myself, but it never stays for a long time at my clothes.. so I buy some done at stores too :).

Melissa said...

I love the blue tee with the pink heels! Fabulous!

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louboutin chaussures said...

regarder ces images et je me sens juste que je ne peux pas attendre pour acheter xoxo

Elegance Personified said...

Cute blue tee. And WOW I love all those looks from Ann Taylor Loft and not just the tees but how they are put together with those awesome pants. Ann Taylor Loft has been my friend lately as I've shopped there a lot, recently. ;-)