Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Animal Print

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I adore this animal print top, but find it often works better layered under another top or dress to give it a bit more shape.

Purple and red accents brought some “pop!” to the otherwise neutral ensemble.

Animal print is still hot in my book.  It’s also still showing up on everything from purses, shoes, computer carrying cases, and of course – fashionistas everywhere!

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Melissa said...

Animal print is THE best and OH how I love purple and red together! You look fabulous! This is a seriously great outfit.

Sadie's Momma said...

This outfit is AWESOME. I love the animal print- and I love the saturated color of the purple top! And don't think I'm creepy, because I just have to tell you that your butt looks amazing in that skirt. Just sayin... :)

<3 Kim

Collette Osuna said...

You look fantastic!! I love the added extra colors that make this outfit SUPERB!!! I agree, animal prints are not going anywhere anytime soon.....:)

DaShannon said...

Oh look at that orb in your first picture... are any of your clothes vintage maybe the former owner is showing their approval.... kidding!

*A* said...

The Fall fashion edition of Glamour said animal print was still huge, it's on the cover! Very cute outfit, I especially love the skirt.

Londyn said...

thanks Sadie's momma! LOL

mélia said...

I like the striped bag