Sunday, July 18, 2010

Wild Inspiration


A few weekends ago, the man and I took a trip to the Cincinnati Zoo.  I always notice what a great link to fashion there is in just about anything, so I thought I’d show you a glimpse into a few of my inspirations…


An elephant may not seem to many an obvious fashionista inspiration, but gray is all the rage this season and I love some womanly curves!

10  84206705-thumb-429x625 

Flowers are an easy inspiration for any kind of ruffles, detailing, or interesting color combinations.

3   flower

SJP, Queen of all fashionistas, may have looked to a beautiful lioness for her bold fur choice.  Grrr!

5 fur

Leopard will forever be a sexy staple print.  Feel the fierceness!


Peacock blue – need I say more??

7shoes blue

A monkey suit…!  Kasper has some classics.

9 P11103876 

I’m not sure what exactly inspired our fashion on this trip, but we were definitely feeling stripes and color!



WhiteGoldSilver 10 said...

Very clever post :)

Sarah said...

Ha ha I love it! It's so true though fashion can come from so many different places!

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled acrossed your blog today and so far I am loving it. You really do know your fashion and have so many great tips.

I always get so stressed out when I shop because I never know what to buy and what items to buy to mix and match. Can you give any tips on shopping and what you look for when you shop? Do you typically have a list of items in mind?

Kasmira said...

This is adorable!

Elegance Personified said...

Beautiful photos of the zoo. You are quite the little photographer, too. Loving the photos and how you thought of all the proper nature inspirations to fashion. ;-) I'd like to see more pictures up close of you and your man, when you can. ;-)

Londyn said...

He actually hates it when I post pics of him on my blog, so unfortunately I will not be able to share with the world pics of my handsome man :(