Monday, July 19, 2010

Too Sexy for Work?

Anyone who has read this blog for more than 2 minutes will know that I love shoes.  I’m a shoe lover of all shapes and sizes, colors and fabrics – yes, you could pretty much say I’m a shoe slut. 

For all my love of shoes, I have quite a few that don’t get regular wear.  It’s not because I don’t adore them, but I just figure they’re a bit impractical or just too sexy for everyday wear.

That said, when did pretty shoes become unprofessional work wear?  At the end of the day my body is covered and I’m still wearing professional attire, so why should a fabulous high heel shoe be deemed inappropriate?

What do you think?  Vote and let me know if you think a few of my shoes should come out of hiding!

 DSCF4714DSCF4717   DSCF4721

Qupid Red Ruffle Heels: YES OR NO


Steve Madden Luxe Purple Snakeskin Heels: YES OR NO









Steve Madden w/ Flower Bud T-Straps: YES OR NO


Black Leather BCBG Heels: YES OR NO


Jessica Simpson Cutout Heels: YES OR NO


Aldo Clear Heel Wedges: YES OR NO


Steve Madden Sky High Suede Blue Pumps: YES OR NO


Studded Marc Fisher Pumps: YES OR NO



Melissa said...

Honestly, I'd wear all of them to work. I agree, as long as the rest of you is covered and professional, you should be able to wear a shoe that's a bit more fun. As long as it's not too casual (flips flops or sneakers) or too impractical, and there's no policy against heel hight or cutouts, I say why not?!

- Tessa said...

I think it's really hard to say, it depends on soooo many factors. I like the clear shoes, but too many people associate that look with strippers. :( These shoes are so lovely, but one has to be VERY careful about their image at work. Maybe you could try some of them under pants and go from there?

Tamia said...

I'm a huge fan of sexy shoes so I'm probably not the right person to ask, but...I think all except the clear heel wedges. I only point those out because they're sandals AND they have clear (aka stripper) heels--one or the other is fine, but both might be too much for cubicle city!


A-Dubs said...

I'm ashamed to note that I'm one of your more conservative voters (at least when it comes to shoes!). So much of how others react to us depends on our presentation, especially at work. I worry that women so often get interpreted as sexual beings before all else, even in the workplace. And when we're read as "sexy," what we say or do seems to count less than how we appear.

That said, I have my own collection of shoes that I almost wear to work on a regular basis. But I never quite make it out the door.

Anonymous said...

Personally, I think the ones you can cover up with long pants are OK. The rest are too sexy. (Maybe I'm too conservative...but I recently wore 2 inch open toe beige faux snake skin sandals to work with long pants and still got a comment about it?!! So I err towards the conservative. Maybe it's where I work...?)

*A* said...

The only two that I wouldn't wear to work (and I work in a business casual office) are the snakeskin pair and the clear heel pair. I think the rest would be perfectly appropriate to pair with a more conservative outfit! Plus, they need to be SEEN!

Anonymous said...

NONE of these shoes look inappropriate to me! If you have to dress conservatively for your job - shoes are one of the few places where you can express a little creativity and fun! I say go for it!

Carol said...

I wore an almost identical outfit to work today, right down to the red suede shoes, except my weren't nearly as fancy as yours. You look great! Yes, I'd wear all of these shoes to work, but then my boss is a shoe fiend as well.

Sal said...

I think all of these could be worn to work so long as there is balance within the outfit.

Kristen said...

I think you can wear any of those to work as long as it's paired with the right clothes. A shoe is a really easy way to get away with something than a tight dress or revealing top. :)

Amie in Pittsburgh PA said...

I say if they look tooooo sexy - black pants... when I was a little girl I asked my mum why panties had flowers on them... no one can see them.. she said so you can feel pretty... so... you will still feel pretty!

~Hurricane B~ said...

I think having your shoes label you as too sexy, is harsh. If you are showing tits, leg and wearing a pair of great sexy heels. Then you are showing too much at work. I think the only pair that is not worthy of work are the purple snakeskin. I think all of them are great. An outfit that has balance to it. That works. Rock on the shoes!!

Lini said...

I would wear them all except for the clear wedge. We get to show our personalities and style through our shoes and we should be able to. I think that opinions on conservation vs. wild style-sterotypes are going to soon change as so many of us are now the generation of tomorrow (meaning us 20 and 30 somethings will be bosses in 20 years and will remember these style times. Similar to the way that tattoos don't have the same negative connotations they once did.

Miss Emma Kitty said...

I think that All of these are work appropriate ! If you feel shy about certain ones just wear pants with them.
I am into the same kinds of shoes and I wear them to the office. I work in a Corporate office.

Sour Cherry said...

I agree with Miss Emma "I think that all of these are work appropriate".
You are beautiful and dress very well!
Thanks for visiting my blog, I´ll follow you too :-)

Anna said...

Wowza! You have some fantastic shoes! I LOVE those red ones! If I worked in an office (and not a preschool), I would definetly wear all of them. Feet are a place where I think you are allowed to be sexy at work.

Elegance Personified said...

HONESTLY I LOVE EACH AND EVERY SINGLE PAIR OF SHOES HERE AND I TO AM A SHOE SLUT. ;-) My most favorites from the list above are the Red Booties, Blue Pumps, Black Pumps & Purple Snakeskin Stilettos, exactly in that order. ;-) WOW!! I am jealous of your shoes, girly.

Anonymous said...

Once I wore a pair of animal print shoes that where about 3 inches high, but my attire was very conservative. The shoe was supposed to give my outfit a touch of bam! but a co worker quickly made a comment "those are too sexy for work" now I'm always second guessing my show choices.

Anonymous said...

Let me give you a guys point of view.

We tend to think about sex all the time. Especially at work! Now having said that, there is a lot that goes into the equation.

For example, shoes tend to be the biggest indicator as to a women's (percieved by men) sexual prowess. The hotter and sluttier the shoe the hotter and sluttier the girl wearing them. I'm sorry that's just the way we were trained from posters, magazines, movies, and television.

Imagina a pair of spandex and a pair of jeans.....what's more provocative? Now imagine the girl wearing spandex to be pencil thin and wearing them with some flip flops. Not so sexy. BUT now imagine the girl wearing the jeans to have a body like kim kardashian and she's wearing a pair of 4 inch patent leather heals. Get my drift?

90% of the equation is the actual woman!!!!!!

If you are built like Beyonce you really have to go out of your way to tone it down or else you will be the office boner medicine without even trying. And if you're built without curves then you're pretty much safe wearing just about anything.

Sorry it's just the way it is. The more Voluptuous you are the safer you should dress and the less voluptuous you are the more you can get away with.