Saturday, July 3, 2010

Showin them guns!


Ruffle top: TJ Maxx.  Pants: Macy’s.  Shoes: Baby Phat.  Gold bangle & earrings: Forever XXI.

For a reason unbeknown to me, it actually has not been as cold in the office of late – which means… sleeveless! 

I love sleeveless and think it’s a fun way to show an appropriate amount of skin in the office.

I typically cover the legs if my arms are showing and vice versa. 


Melissa said...

Ooooh, I Love the ruffles! Those pants are fantastic, too!

Anonymous said...

Nice mix of brown and gray!

Low Cost High Style said...

I still feel new at doing the professional office look since Ive only been out of college 6mths...I haven't worn sleeveless to work yet, but you totally made it look appropraite and cute :) ~Kendra~

Lorena said...

I love, love this combination in clothes, rooms... I am totally for that brown+grey look.

...bill said...

Bang Bang Shoot Shoot