Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tie it!


I love tie tops!  I think they remind me of ruffles… or something… Tie tops are just fun to me and always seem to add that special little touch of interest.  Plus they’re great for layering!

DSCF4493 - Copy

Dress: Worthington.  Tie Top: Forever XXI.  Shoes: Nine West.  Bracelet: Lia Sophia.


Some other tie tops of mine:

tt3  tt5 S6304955

S6304783 tt4 tt6


Lorena said...

Very pretty, I also adore wearing bow tie tops- although when they are kind of thin, they remind me of KFC's Coronel Sanders!

Kasmira said...

Some people call those "pussy bow blouses." That cracks me up. It's so 60s!

jesse.anne.o said...

I love these bows, although I refuse to call them "pussy bow blouses" because I'm mentally-12?

Anonymous said...

You always looks so fabulous! Love your blog!

Anna said...

I also love tops with bows or ties! Reminds me of 70s secretary blouses (like Dolly Parton in the movie 9 to 5).

Elegance Personified said...

I love tie-tops as well. Love them. I have a lot, I actually bought a gorgeous red silk one from White House, just last week. You look beautiful as usual and loving this post dedicated to a look and style I covet: neck-tie tops whether blouses or dresses.