Thursday, June 3, 2010

Meeting my high standards


Dress: Banana Republic.  Belt: Thrift.  Shoes: Steve Madden.





You may be surprised to find that even with my 130+ pairs of shoes, I only have a couple wedges.  I’ve been looking for some for a while, but I always seem to have 1 of 3 problems with them:

  1. They don’t fit my foot right (usually they are too narrow)
  2. They don’t have enough ankle support
  3. They just feel too heavy on my foot (I’m used to skinny stilettos people!)

Anywhoo… I found these wedges and they actually meet all my cuteness and comfort criteria while not having any of the above issues!  Of course they were the most expensive wedges of the 6 I tried on…  :(  but I guess sometimes you just have to pay the price!


CassCGirl said...

Love the new shoes!!!

Carla said...

Love those shoes!
Thanks for your comments.
About my belt, Tally Weijl is a swiss/french store and brand.
So far, they dont have stores in the US, only Europe. But its very successful, so maybe one day =)

My Republic of Fashion said...

I love the colour of that dress.:)SarahD

Rebecca said...

Beautiful dress/great shoes - Wow! The wedges are really HIGH!

Sal said...

You're absolutely radiant in that dress. And the wedges are fab! I've been eyeing that pair myself.

Laura said...

Love those wedges! They always seem to catch my eye when I'm browsing shoe sites.

Lorena said...

That tends to happen.... out of all THE MOST EXPENSIVE are either the ones that fit or the ones that you like the most.
My grandma calls it "expensive eye".
This color looks marvelous on you.

Healthy and Homemade said...

Lovely wedges!! I've been longing for a pair ever since it started to warm up, I'm ready to expose my toes.

Alyssa said...

Those are great shoes! If you're looking for more wedges, I find that Michael Antonio's are a little wider than others and therefore more comfortable. They have them on with free shipping right now.

Alyssa said...

I like every little bit of your outfit here. Your dress is lovely and sophisticated and I like the little touches of gold accessories... your necklace reminds me of a miniature tie. :] Fantastic shoes, too... and I'm glad that you've found a pair that work so well for you.

Tina said...

The wedges are divine, so I'd say they are well worth their pricetag.

Jennifer said...

That dress looks absolutely gorgeous on you!