Thursday, June 17, 2010

and a little interest


Cardigan: Forever XXI.  Tank: Chadwicks.  Skirt: NY & Co.  Shoes: Nina. 

DSCF4435 DSCF4433

Oh such fun with color and pattern!  This combo is super simple, but hopefully interesting enough with the few contrasts and the little details of texture, rusching and sheen.


Elaine said...

Love the tank and cardi together!

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~Hurricane B~ said...

I like that you are starting to take pictures from other places around your cute condo again. Love the earrings and that sparkly cardi is adorable.

Lini said...

I really love the printed cargi and punch of color from the top; put together it looks fabu.

Lorena said...

So pretty !
I am totally flipping over your cardi, it adds an amazing look...

- Tessa said...

Great cardi and details on the shirt - nice combo!