Monday, June 14, 2010

How much is a pink Cadillac anyway?


Black lace top: Newport News.  Purple wrap: Express.  Jean skirt: INC.  Silver cuff: Forever XXI.  Wedges: Steve Madden.

With my sexy stacked wedge, I decided it was appropriate to cover up a bit more on top.  An easy way to add coverage to a low cut shirt is to add a sheer or lace undershirt.  Wa-la!  Transformation complete.

After work, a friend and I went to a Mary Kay party where we were forced (ok, not really…) to take off all our makeup (what was left of it after a long day at work…) and get all made up again using Mary Kay products.  Aside from the naked face in public thing, it was pretty fun and I purchased a few products that I hope will last me a while.  Has anyone ever noticed that “maintaining” yourself is quite expensive?!?

Well – enough ramblings for the night.  Until tomorrow~  L


eek said...

I love the way your layered your tops! You look great as usual :)

~Hurricane B~ said...

It actually takes quite a bit to get the Pink Caddy, but you get another free car before that..oh and if you did not want the actual car. You have a cash per month option, to then lease another vechile or just have Mary Kay pay your own car note. GREAT SYSTEM. That is, as long as you keep up the minium monthly sale + your sales reps, directors under you keep theirs. I know this because I used to sale Mary Kay, the products are great( i am stuck on MAC and Aveda Make up_ but I use all the skin care stuff still.

It is a great way for extra if not your only source of income. Just have to have some starter up cash.

I needed more stability, did not have the patience to be poor while waiting to build up=)

Not sure why i just told you all that, but yeah. Nice shoes. hahaha. Plus love the lace top under that shirt.

K said...

How funny! I went to a Mary Kay thing last night too. Ive been before. I usually have a good time. Their products really do last for quite a while. You look awesome! :)

whenlifehandsyouapear said...

Oh, you gotta love a Mary Kay demonstration, if only to see what other women look like without make up!

Love your layering here!

SIA said...

I always pick up so many ideas from your blog. I LOVE IT!

sabina said...

i love your 'wa la' instead of 'voilà' ! :-)

TigerLily said...

i love the idea of combining the low cut blouse with a lacey top underneath, i might try to do that too :) Thanks so much for the inspiration..

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