Sunday, June 27, 2010

2010 fashions – are you into it?

Whether a fashionista or not, there will always be fashion trends that pass through our wardrobes.  However, loving fashion doesn’t require loving trends, so I ask the question – are you into it?

Here are some of msn's most fashionable trends as well as a few of my own -

Trend 1: the glitzy tank


Londyn’s Verdict: into it!  I have a couple glitzy tunics and would lurve a glitzy dress.

Trend 2: dark & neon nail polish


Londyn’s Verdict: kind of into it…  I tend to like this more on other people than myself.  I tried black and bright blue once… never again!  I do, however, love dark plum, gray, and bright pinks at the moment.

Trend 3: wavy natural hair


Londyn’s Verdict: very into it!!! 

Trend 4: chunky jewelry

20 181060_3019_gmd323x335

Londyn’s Verdict: into it!  I just purchased the above necklace  :)

Trend 5: print jersey dress


Londyn’s Verdict: Always have loved it; always will love it.

Trend 6: the easy blazer

 7 A56AACD2D961D0AE15E3FEA88C52A1

Londyn’s Verdict: not in love with it.  It’s not that I don’t like the concept, I actually really like the easy blazer if and when you have to wear a blazer – but honestly I’d just rather do without a blazer the majority of the time and opt for a cute cardigan instead.

Trend 7: the utility jacket


Londyn’s Verdict: I dig it – as long as it’s not too slouchy.

Trend 8: one shoulder


Londyn’s Verdict: into it.

Trend 9: the spicy palette


Londyn’s Verdict: not into it; just does not work for me.

Trend 10: flat gladiator sandal


Londyn’s Verdict: comfy cuteness, yep, I’m into it.

Trend 11: the wedge

24 208277_700_ss_01

Londyn’s Verdict: painful cuteness, yep, I’m into that too…

Trend 12: boyfriend jeans


Londyn’s Verdict: not into it.

Trend 13: underwear as outerwear

Rihanna-in-Granny-Panties lady-gaga-in-granny-panties

Londyn’s Verdict: not into it; I’ll leave that trend to the stars.


Miss Emma Kitty said...

I Really Love those Wedges, What Brand ?

Julia said...

My favorite trends are the glitter tank and the natural hair, by far. Excellent round-up!


Lorena said...

Super !
Like you I will not be embracing the underwear as outerwear trend.. no, no, no I would like to keep my job.

Edry said...

I agree with you Londyn :)
love the glitzy Tee & the wedges
the chunky necklace is a great trend !love it! Im not sure with the nail color (maybe because im over 40 :(

Londyn said...

The black wedges are Steve Madden. The yellow may have been Enzo Angiolini - ? I think I found them on Zappos.

Londyn said...

The black wedges are Steve Madden. The yellow may have been Enzo Angiolini - ? I think I found them on Zappos.

Anonymous said...

#8 is my favorite for you.

amanda egbert said...

Miss Mandy here says, that painful shoes are always the gorgeous ones and that I also adore off the shoulder, but sadly, feel it makes me look dumpy, as do blazers, which I also adore, but find that the cardigan is cuter on my frame. As far as chunky jewelry goes, I will only opt for gemstones tumbled and not plastic,just because I believe that something should still be quality made even if it may be though of by others as looking "cheap"