Saturday, May 29, 2010

Call of the Sea


Silk Top & Cardigan: Chadwicks. Capris: NY & Co.  Sandals: 9 west 


I love this blue / green color because it reminds me of the sea, being on vacation, and walking with my feet in the sand.  Unfortunately, I’m really at work – but at least I can drift to other places in my mind!


gina said...

Beautiful color!

t said...

That's a great colour on you!

~Hurricane B~ said...

Ditto, the color is fab on you. Plus not saying you are old or you look old..I wish I had your clothes and body, we are the same age I believe, But holy heck with this outfit, you look so sweet and about 22.=) Lol. Maybe I will try a top like that, see if it takes years off me.

Alyssa said...

oooh i LOVE that teal color... the print on your swear is adorbs & the detail on your top is cute :]

fashion1psychology said...

I love this outfit. great colors, very cute top