Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Running with Ruffles


Top: Wassimo (Target).  Cream under-cami: JC Penny’s.  Skirt: Express.  Belt: ?. Tights: Kohl’s.  Booties: Steven.

Running late today – first day back to work after a couple days off, and I had an 8am dentist appointment too! – So, I only had time for 1 pic before mad dashing out the door.  And here it is!

I’ll be interviewing some people today, so I figure either black pants or a black skirt is always a perfect staple for that situation.  I also wanted to keep it light and not too intimidating, so I added the fun booties and (of course) a bright pop of color.

Initially, I couldn’t decide what to do with this top, but I ended up liking the look of the sheer fabric over the skirt and belt, so I just went more casual and left it loose.  No time for jewelry today except a simple right hand diamond ring.  I figure the ruffles can be my necklace.


Carla said...

love it!!! I think I have never seen a bad outfit on u....all u wear is great =)

LegallyBoston said...

An unrelated question about interviewing (since you mentioned it in your post!)... I recently had a 2nd interview at a law firm (I'm an attorney) and found out I'm one of 6 candidates left. I *really* want this job. It really is just ideal for me in every way. I would like to email the last attorney I interviewed with so that I stay on her radar (I already sent a thank you post-interview). Have you ever had someone follow up with you after the interview for a reason other than to say thank you? I have no clue what to really email her about! Suggestions?

Ash Fox said...

very pretty! love that bright pink! following you..


Londyn said...

Legally Boston -

Great question. This is just my humble opinion, but no, after the thank you note - there isn't really a reason to follow up again.

The only reason candidates call or email after the interview (and thank you note) is typically to check the status of the position.

The guidebooks will tell you differently, but I can tell you in this lean economy - being an HR person, wearing a million hats, and working at 200% capacity - it's more annoying than helpful to have candidates continue to follow up (and can come off high maintenance or pushy..).

You've already made it through a couple interview rounds with them, so you definitely have good things to offer! Be confident in your experience and your interview - that is what will make or break the deal, not an additional follow up.

Good luck to you!!!

Hippie Holly said...

Love the colour of your skirt, really pretty. I wish more people wore such lovely colours to work!